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Rolland Una Dandruff Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 1000ml

Rolland Una Dandruff Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 1000ml

Effectively fights dry and oily dandruff. Control the excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands, without drying the scalp. Fights irritation of the scalp, maintain ideal moisture level. Piroctone olamina removes dirt and reduces itching and peeling of the skin.

The concept of a company Rolland Bologna is entirely inspired and governed by the environment - from products to packaging and the entire production process. The team believes that being a responsible , we can reduce pollution , improve our lives. In the product line are included environmentally friendly products , as well as Italian and international in origin. Through the purchase of raw materials the company supports the economic development of the poorest countries in the world. Today in front of opens a new horizon - Biodynamics. It is not only a method of growing a variety of plants, but also a way of life. By this method nature becomes more fertile land from which is derived a high quality active ingredients that are used in the cosmetic industry .


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