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Bile Skin Whitening Cream 40ml

Bile Skin Whitening Cream 40ml

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Bile Skin Whitening Cream 40ml

A lightweight hydrating cream to safely and effectively lighten face and body skin discolorations as freckles, blemishes, pregnancy hyper-pigmentation, drug, sunburn and age spots and unevenness of colour. Hydrates and restores skin's natural moisture balance. Gradually and effectively eliminates skin discolorations. Evens tan and provides a fresh, health, radiant glow.Particularly suitable to reduce skin discolorations as freckles, acne blemishes, pregnancy hyper-pigmentation, sun overexposure and age spots.

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Detailed description

BILLE-BA Skin Whitening Line is a collection of new generation of skn whitening products, specially formulated to lighten face and throat skin discolorations as acne blemishes, pregnancy hyper-pigmentation and age spots. The combination of herbal extracts works synergistically with the non irritant Alpha-Arbutin of Pentapharm, the new type depigmentation agent to inhibit the production of melanin, which appears on the skin surface in the form of discoloration, dark spots or freckles. The powerful active ingredients safely and gradually sweep away dead pigmented skin cells and provide an even tan and a healthy, radiant glow. Lighten complexion and restore skin’s clarity, texture and tone.

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