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Masks in this category are suitable for heavily depleted treated hair. Due to the different active ingredients the hair is restored in depth. The products intensively regenerate hair and regain elasticity, shine and healthy appearance. Choose the best for you!

Hair Masks for Damaged Hair (46)

These products neutralize oily scalp. Get rid of greasy hair permanently. The treatment consists in gentle exfoliation and intensive detoxification which normalize the condition of the scalp.

Hair Mask for Fine Hair (2)

Masks for colored hair help to neutralize the chemical residues of dye, especially those masks after dyeing. The main purpose of the colored hair masque is to protect the color and restore natural shine and healthy-looking hair appearance.

Hair Mask for Colored Hair (20)

Anti dandruff treatment cleanses the scalp and prevent re-formation of dandruff. It is recommended that masks should be used concomitantly with other products for dandruff treatment. Here you will also find treatments against hair loss.

Hair Loss in Women (2)

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