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Petru van Ziel started in South Africa and has worked in Europe, Australia, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, the UAE, Russia, South America, South Korea and the United States. During this time, she actively researched the biology of the skin, as well as the latest available information on cosmetic chemistry, leaving her with a passionate interest in developing a dermatological system for skin repair. The pHformula skin rejuvenation system has a unique mechanism of action. It is different from conventional chemical peels and is formulated to ensure a controlled and targeted delivery of active ingredients while maintaining the integrity of your skin's epidermis. Skin resurfacing stimulates the production of collagen and new skin cells, with minimal destruction of the epidermis.

Today, based in Barcelona, ​​Spain, Petru is the founder and CEO of pHformula, the first professional skin rejuvenation system applied by skincare professionals worldwide. Petru is constantly expanding his vast experience and knowledge, keeping pace with and often leading the way. In addition, she is the director and teacher of postgraduate education in her specialty - skin resurfacing. It works closely with several internationally renowned opinion leaders; most of whom are renowned scientists, dermatologists, plastic and aesthetic surgeons.

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