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abyLiss Pro Elipsetyle Straightener

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The ELIPSTYLE press from BaBylissPRO 4artists features a strong yet light metal body that ensures high durability even with intensive use. The curved shape makes it easy to create curls and waves , and the thin shape allows you to get closer to the hair roots.

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abyLiss Pro Elipsetyle Straightener abyLiss Pro Elipsetyle Straightener abyLiss Pro Elipsetyle Straightener abyLiss Pro Elipsetyle Straightener abyLiss Pro Elipsetyle Straightener

ELIPSTYLE is equipped with floating titanium plates that easily glide through the thickest hair. The advanced Advanced Ceramics Heating System provides ultra-fast heating and heat recovery, distributing it evenly over the entire surface of the plates.

Sublimate your work with ELIPSTYLE

The device is made of state-of-the-art materials and is equipped with modern features that redefine ease of use and results achieved. ELIPSTYLE is the ideal solution for professionals who want to work quickly and efficiently while delivering excellent results.

Advanced ion technology

ELIPSTYLE is equipped with a real ion generator with a large capacity, which provides an enhanced concentration of ions for even more elastic, soft and shiny hair. Thanks to the IonMultiplier technology, each hair turns into a beautiful material with restored shine and light.

Perfect results with every use

The titanium plates generate exceptional heat exchange in the hair fibers, which allows perfect straightening even at low temperatures. ELIPSTYLE provides permanent and perfect straightening until the next shampooing and protects the hair from moisture.

Innovative design and functionality

The stainless steel body combines lightness with exceptional resistance to chemical corrosion and deformation from high temperatures. This ensures perfect alignment of the plates and constant contact with the hair during styling.

Ease of use and maintenance

  • Fast heating: FullWave Thermal Science with dual ceramic heating element provides 20% faster heating than other professional stylers.
  • Temperature settings: Temperature regulation from 150°C to 230°C in 5 levels, which allows use on all hair types, even the most difficult.
  • Auto Power Off: After 72 minutes of non-use for safety.
  • Light and compact: The elliptical design and extremely smooth chrome surface make it easy to create a variety of styles.
  • Ionic technology: Provides elastic, soft and shiny hair.


  • Lightweight, metal body
  • Advanced ceramic heating system
  • High gloss floating titanium plates
  • Ion technology
  • Fast heating
  • 5 digital temperature settings (150°C-230°C)
  • Automatic shutdown after 72 minutes


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